Awindra Pandey Nirbhaya's Friend: Profile, Family, Current and Caste


Awindra Pandey, Nirbhaya's Friend: Profile, Family and Caste

Jyoti Singh Pandey, also known as Nirbhaya, finally gets justice. There is no doubt that the trial is incomplete because the so-called juvenile rapists are still out. Another hero in this unfortunate incident is Nirbhaya's friend. He too should be punished.

It was Avindra Pandei who persuaded Jyoti Singh Pandei to attend the Select City Walk in Saket. Avindra takes him to the back seat of the bus and starts kissing him. It was his attitude that angered the rapists. When one of the rapists asked him not to do these things on the bus, it was Avindra who beat him. The incident angered these drunken bastards and they committed one of the most serious crimes in Indian history as we know it.

Avindra Pandi has also made a lot of money giving interviews on various channels. In fact, Delhi police asked him not to give an interview, but he continued.


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