Tushar Silawat (Reeler) Biography, Girlfriends, Education, Followers


Tushar Silawat is a popular Indian Reel star and social media star from Indore, India. Tushar Silawat's age is 22 years old (as of 2022) and Tushar was born on 2nd June 2002. Tushar Silawat is known for her lip-syncs videos on Reels and other short videos app. He is also known for his handsome and cute look and amazing personality. 

Tushar Silawat (Reeler) Biography, Girlfriends, Education, Followers

Tushar Silawat (Reeler) Biography, Girlfriends, Education, Followers

  • Full Name: Tushar Silawat 
  • Occupation: Reeler
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 2nd June 2002
  • Age: 22
  • Girlfriend: 
  • Birth Place: Indore, India
  • Current City: Indore, India
  • Nationality:Indian
  • Profession: Reeler star, Social Media star
  • Religion: Hindu
  • Net Worth (Annual): Around 40-50 Lakhs

Tushar is also known as the ex-boyfriend of social media star Purabi Bhargava. Currently, Tushar is dating the famous TikTok star and ring girl of TikTok Aryanshi Sharma. Tushar is a very cute and chocolaty boy however his most of the fan following is girls. Popular TikTok star and model Palak Silawat is a cousin sister of Tushar. Let's check Tushar Silawat, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Wiki, Biography, and more.


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